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McDonald’s Staff Brings Warm Memories to Boy in His Final Moments

(image: McDonald's Korea)

(image: McDonald’s Korea)

SEOUL, Dec. 19 (Korea Bizwire)The story of a young boy who passed away with warm memories of a kind McDonald’s employee is moving the hearts of the South Korean public.

Last May, Lee Seong-min, the manager of the McDonald’s Korea’s Topdong Store in Jeju Island, met with a 5-year old boy suffering from infantile paralysis who visited the restaurant with his family.

Lee brought a seat for the boy and a sofa to help the boy and his family enjoy a meal. He even brought toys to spend time with him.

When the boy threw a tantrum, Lee brought colored pencils and paper to draw pictures with him.

The boy and the family left the store with warm memories, and the boy passed away soon after. The family left with the boy toys that he got from McDonald’s and pictures that he drew at the store.

The parents thanked McDonald’s on three consecutive occasions after visiting the restaurant with the boy and after he passed away.

“We travelled with our son to various places, but he would always talk about the Jeju seas and the McDonald’s restaurant that he visited,” the boy’s parents said.

The parents sent separate messages to Lee, thanking him for “impacting the boy’s life with priceless memories.”

“All I did was try to deliver the best experience to all of our customers,” said Lee, who now works at McDonald’s Jeju Nohyung Store. “Other staff across the country would do the same.”

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