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Mobility Firms Compete over Ride-hailing Platforms


SEOUL, Dec. 8 (Korea Bizwire)Mobility firms are transforming the traditional taxi industry as they compete over ride-hailing platforms to attract more customers.

KST Mobility, operator of Macaron Taxi, introduced two new services last July.

Macaron Pet Taxi offers pet seats, safety belts for pets, and pet pads. Customers can get in the car without having to carry their pets in a cage.

Macaron Bike allows customers to load up to three bicycles on the back of the cab.


Kakao Mobility, South Korea’s largest car hailing platform, added a new service to Kakao T Business, a mobility solution for business members.

Corporate members can now use Kakao T Blue, a cab hailing service, Kakao T Venti, a van-hailing service, and Kakao T Premium, a ride-hailing service for premium cabs.

Kakao T Black, a premium taxi hailing service that had been limited to prior reservations only, has been redesigned to allow instant cab hailing.

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