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Music Video of Dynamic Duo’s “Summer Time”

SEOUL, June 27 (Korea Bizwire)Hip-hop pair Dynamic Duo released their new song “Summer Time” in their hip-hop project album “CustoMIC.” The project CustoMiC, a compound word for MIC and Customize, aimed to combine popular and underground artists and music genres to satisfy all ears of hip-hop fans and the general audience.

Title song “Summer Time” contains the message of escaping the war-like reality and routine life to enjoy the outdoors under the sun.

Dynamic Duo is a Korean hip hop duo that consists of Choiza and Gaeko that are the main representative artists for urban music label, Amoeba Culture. Their debut album “Taxi Driver (2004) was the best-selling Hip Hop album in South Korea, recording 50,000 sales in its first month of release.

Composed by Gaeko and written by Dynamic Duo, the title song is arranged in a minimalist way of instrument composition and shows off Gaeko’s gentle voice and simple producing of Dynamic Duo.

Especially, in the lyric “We should pay for drinking water but sunshine is still free,” we can feel their touching humor. How about washing away the summer heat by enjoying the exciting hip-hop song of Dynamic Duo returning from a year of hiatus?

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