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National License Info Accessible on Naver App and KakaoTalk

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SEOUL, Jan. 18 (Korea Bizwire)People will now be able to gain easy access to information about the national licenses they have acquired via Naver App or KakaoTalk.

Naver Corp. and Kakao Corp., the two major South Korean tech companies, signed an agreement with the Ministry of Employment and Labor to develop a new service to connect national license databases and mobile platforms.

The two companies will join hands with the Human Resources Development Service of Korea and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry to set up a mobile national license platform.

Starting this month, users will be able to access their national licenses via the Naver Authorization app, or Kakao Wallet.


The new service will add 495 kinds of national technical licenses. Other professional licenses for tax accountants, real estate agents, and others will also be included in the near future.

Licenses issued by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including licenses for computer skills and word processors, will also be accessible on Naver and KakaoTalk.

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