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Nexon Showcases “KartRider” in Game Archive Exhibition


SEOUL, June 28 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea’s online gaming giant Nexon Co. said Tuesday it will showcase “KartRider,” a game that ceased its domestic service in March, as part of its game archive exhibition project.

The Nexon Computer Museum, located on the southern resort island of Jeju, has been displaying seven discontinued and unreleased games through Nexon’s NEpository project since 2021.

This initiative sheds light on the efforts and passions of developers in creating new games.

Since its official launch in 2004, KartRider has amassed a total of 33 million users.


As part of the exhibition, Nexon plans to unveil various development data, including original graphics and background music accumulated during the game’s service period.

Additionally, Nexon intends to establish a separate experience area to showcase a dedicated build of KartRider for single-player gameplay. This will allow visitors to enjoy a wide range of karts and tracks without any restrictions.

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