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Nominum Introduces Solution for CSPs to Integrate DNS-based Subscriber Data with Big Data Platforms

(image: Kobiz Media / Korea Bizwire)

(image: Kobiz Media / Korea Bizwire)


REDWOOD CITY, CA, Mar. 21 (Korea Bizwire)Nominum™, the DNS security innovation leader and first to market with an extensible DNS-based platform that accelerates digital transformation for service providers, announced today the immediate availability of N2™ Big Data Connector, a purpose-built tool that allows big data platforms to collect and leverage DNS data. With N2 Big Data Connector, communications service providers (CSPs) are able to integrate DNS-based customer intelligence with their big data platforms to enhance their subscribers’ digital experience through more personalized services, stronger online security and improved operational processes.

As part of their efforts to cultivate deeper, more meaningful customer relationships, service providers are continually increasing their investment in big data infrastructure and data science to better understand customer preferences and requirements. N2 Big Data Connector provides CSPs with added visibility into critical DNS-based subscriber activities online, and helps them better protect their users and their devices from malicious threats or attacks. This combination provides a better customer experience through more accurate customer insights, as well as a more precise understanding of how cyberthreats impact overall network performance. By leveraging the CSP’s existing investment in DNS, this can all be done without adding incremental hardware.

“Service providers are working to offer more customer-centric services and a more personalized, secure digital experience. By informing CSP teams about subscriber activities and their exposure to threats like ransomware, phishing and other malware, DNS data is a critical component of these efforts,” said Craig Sprosts, Vice President of Product Management for Nominum. “When combined with big data analytics, CSPs gain a holistic view of their customers so they can provide a safer, more engaging internet experience. Nominum N2 Big Data Connector bridges valuable data sources together seamlessly — with minimal expense or complexity — to help CSPs increase subscriber value.”

DNS Data: A Wealth of Information that Enables a Secure “Subscriber-first” Approach

DNS transactions contain valuable information that provide intelligent insights in conjunction with other data sources to support cross-functional efforts to improve subscriber satisfaction, strengthen brand loyalty and improve operations. Such efforts include:

  • Improve security — CSPs can track key threats that put their network and subscribers at risk with visibility into all domain activity that contributes to security intelligence and threat dashboards.
  • Drive adoption of services — DNS data provides real-time insight into subscriber activities such as the use of certain apps or IPTV viewing. With this valuable data, providers can better tailor outreach programs to drive adoption for their subscriber programs.
  • Better capacity planning — By observing traffic like streaming, gaming, IoT devices and more, CSPs can link with information like bandwidth demand for more precise capacity planning.
  • Streamline operations — By proactively identifying a particular network performance issue such as a DDoS attack that creates high traffic and latency, CSPs can pinpoint other cross-functional issues, for example increased call center activities, and take preemptive steps to notify customers and maintain operational efficiencies.

    “Service providers want to leverage the mountains of data they already own to link network and service information with live consumer activity. DNS has been an undervalued source of user applications information that offers deep insight into the ‘always-connected’ lifestyle of their customers. Nominum has taken the lead with an innovative DNS solution to enable service providers to integrate DNS data seamlessly into their existing big data analytics platforms,” said Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analysis at Strategy Analytics. “With minimal up-front investment and a fast time to deployment, N2 Big Data Connector delivers essential actionable inputs on customer activity to multiple customer-facing teams — customer service, support and marketing — to enhance promotions, revenue management and security.” She continued, “The addition of DNS information should help deliver almost immediate increases in customer satisfaction, subscriber loyalty and adoption of value-added services.”

    Defense in Depth: N2 Big Data Connector Strengthens Protections Offered by a Multitude of Security Apps

    When used in combination with Nominum N2 ThreatAvert, which provides real-time protection against threats originating from within service provider networks, N2 Big Data Connector can improve the effectiveness of a service provider’s overall cybersecurity ecosystem. N2 ThreatAvert combines DNS data with Nominum’s advanced data science to deliver unmatched accuracy and up-to-the-minute data in order to deter fast-changing exploits and offer complete protection of a network’s DNS servers. N2 ThreatAvert is complementary to other security solutions, such as firewalls and application-level protection, because it enables detailed data insights on attacks and network threats. When integrated with N2 Big Data Connector, N2 ThreatAvert enables CSPs to leverage and share network threat intelligence across its infrastructure for a multi-layered defense in depth approach, increasing the effectiveness of endpoint security solutions.

    N2 Big Data Connector is integrated with Nominum Vantio™ CacheServe, the gold standard for DNS resolution which processes 1.7 trillion queries every day, extending its performance and capabilities to big data platforms like Hadoop, Splunk, Spark and others. With the growth in web services and applications and the proliferation of mobile devices, the number of DNS queries on individual CSP networks can total tens of billions every day. While most service providers already store and analyze big data, there are significant cost and complexity challenges with loading such a high volume of queries from DNS servers into big data systems.

    N2 Big Data Connector enables DNS data to be gathered from Vantio CacheServe, where the data is compressed by up to 80 percent to enable efficient use of bandwidth. The DNS data is then transported using a resilient, highly scalable, publish/subscribe system that leverages the industry standard Apache Kafka, and is then aggregated and converted into a JSON format that can easily be stored in big data systems. Data is continuously updated via an ETL process into big data systems. All of this is accomplished quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for additional hardware. N2 Big Data Connector is built using open standards and can easily be integrated with other security systems.

    About Nominum

    Nominum™ is the world’s DNS innovation leader and the first company to create an integrated suite of DNS-based, subscriber-centric applications to digitally transform service providers and personalize the online subscriber experience.

    Nominum N2™ solutions leverage the company’s market-leading Vantio™ DNS software and expert team of data scientists to forge a clear path for service providers to move beyond a network-centric approach to a value proposition that is subscriber-centric and highly differentiated. N2 provides an extensible network services framework that synchronizes digital capabilities with people, processes and systems across the organization to deliver personalized solutions that enhance subscriber value and brand loyalty, fuel revenue growth and bolster competitive advantage.

    Nominum is a global software company headquartered in Silicon Valley. More than 130 service providers in over 45 countries trust Nominum to enable a safer, more personalized internet experience and promote greater value to subscribers. Nominum DNS software resolves 1.7 trillion queries around the globe each day — roughly 100 times more transactions than the combined daily volume of tweets, likes, and searches taking place on major web properties. For more information, please visit


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