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Outdoor Exhibition of Baby Otters at Danuri Aquarium


DANYANG, Apr. 23 (Korea Bizwire)The Danuri Aquarium in Danyang County, North Chungcheong Province, reported on Monday that it has decided to display five recently born baby otters outdoors this month.

The mother otter gave birth to five offspring in January, including three males and two females. It is the second childbirth in about six months since she gave birth to three pups in July of last year.

The team at the aquarium’s Ecology Center moved the otter pups to a nursery to provide them with dedicated care.

All five young otters have grown up in good health and been practicing swimming and hunting at the makeshift outdoor exhibition hall.


The otters at the Danuri Aquarium are Aonyx cinereus, the smallest otter species, and typically measure 70 to 100 centimeters and weigh less than 5 kilograms.

The breed is very unique and significant as it is an endangered species worldwide.

Image Credit: Danyang County Office / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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