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Plogging Contest Combines Beach Jogging and Picking Up Trash


DONGHAE, Jul. 11 (Korea Bizwire)At Mangsang Beach, located in Donghae, Gwangwon Province, a contest where participants jog and pick up trash at the same time will be held until the end of July.

Donghae and the Dadam Cooperative Society will hold a Beachcombing Plogging Contest.

The contest will be held every Wednesday until the end of this month at the beach, which recently opened to the public on Wednesday.

Beachcombing plogging is a combination of the words ‘beach’, ‘combing’, meaning to groom, and ‘jogging’.

It refers to picking up garbage and recycling some into a piece of work as one jogs along the beach.

On the first day of the opening of the beach, participants jogged with garbage bags and tongs, collecting shells and trash while also conducting beach purification activities.


Image Credit: Donghae City Office / DaehanSteel Co. /

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