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Power of Creative Editing: Most Popular 233 Videos of 2014 in a Single Video Clip

The video edited and selected by Zapatou (Luc Bergeron)

SEOUL, Dec 21 (Korea Bizwire) – “Editology” was one of the most talked-about keywords in Korea’s publishing industry this year. Kim Jung-woon, professor of cultural psychology at Myongji University and the author of the same-name book, said, “Until very recently we were told all we need to be able to succeed is specialize in one narrowly defined area. But this was the zeitgeist of the bygone industrial age. The current 21st century is characterized by a glut of information. What’s more important in this era is how well you can edit the information and come up with new things.” 

Examples showing the importance of editing abound in our everyday life. The Huffington Post exhibited the potential power of news information editing through the concept of “news curation.” This is the same for moving images. Although some stand-alone videos often log in hundreds of millions of clicks, some others created by editing myriads of video images have attracted billions of viewers. 

Last week, the Internet world was abuzz with a YouTube video uploaded by French video director Luc Bergeron who is better known as his Internet handle Zapatou. The video has compressed in less than 7 minutes hundreds of popular images created this year, including scenes of daredevil acts, cute baby and animal images and touching scenes. 

Prof. Kim said, “Today knowledge is no longer monopolized by the elites in society and shared widely among general populations by the network. The status of knowledge creators has also changed from the past.” The editor of today who can come up with original ideas by rummaging through the heap of seemingly unrelated information is indeed the real creative mind of the 21st century knowledge society.”

By Jerry M. Kim (jerrykim@koreabizwire.com)


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