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President Park’s Confidante Screams “Injustice!”

choi soon-sil

SEOUL, Jan. 25 (Korea Bizwire) – Choi Soon-sil, the “female Rasputin” to President Park Geun-hye, who is facing an impeachment trial, screamed “injustice” as she entered the office building of the special investigation team for questioning in a rare public display of confidence. 

Choi has remained quiet at most of her public appearances, often with her head down when she’s in front of the cameras. The only time she expressed her emotions in front of the crowd was during her first appearance at the prosecution office in October, when she wept and said, “I’ve committed an unpardonable crime.” 

She continued her rant during the short walk from the convoy vehicle to the building’s elevator, screaming that “the special prosecution is forcing a confession”, “this is not democratic”, and “it is too unfair”. 

It was Choi’s first appearance at the special prosecution. She had been refusing the team’s summons until the Seoul Central District Court issued a warrant on Monday.

On a side note, a cleaning worker nearby also voiced her conclusion as Choi screamed her pleas, shouting “bullshit,” which was also broadcast in live footage of the scene.



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