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Prolonged Monsoon Season Drives People to Take Eco-friendly Action


SEOUL, Aug. 18 (Korea Bizwire)Ever since this year’s monsoon season broke historical records by raging on for more than 50 days, an increasing number of citizens are stepping out to protect the environment as the torrential rain is seen as a side effect of global warming.

The zero-waste movement is one of these efforts, where citizens maximize the use of recyclable materials or minimize packaging to cut down waste.

Recently, various online communities began to share instructions on participating in the zero-waste movement and photos of putting it into practice.

Millions of hashtags including the term ‘zero-waste’ have appeared on Instagram and other social media channels.


The images posted included people refraining from using plastic bags at shopping malls, recycling plastic packaging, and using toothbrushes and sponges made of eco-friendly materials.

While purchasing eco-friendly products is a part of good practice, more people are placing importance on the need to cut down consumption itself in order to ensure zero waste.

For the individual efforts to take effect, the government and businesses should come up with policies to accommodate them, experts say.

“In order to address climate change, we need stronger and more provocative environmental policies,” said a source from Greenpeace’s Seoul bureau.


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