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Psy’s “Hangover” Music Video Attracts More Than 40 Million Viewers

SEOUL, June 13 (Korea Bizwire)By attracting more than 40 million viewers on YouTube as of June 12, Psy’s music video for his new song “Hangover” seems on pace to hit another “home run” following “Gangnam Style.” In the music video, Psy and rapper Snoop Dogg comically describes Korean culture of drinking and it gained worldwide attention from the first few days of its release. 

The music video begins with a scene that Snoop Dogg is patting the back of vomiting Psy with hangover. After that, the two world-renowned musicians enjoy drinking at a Chinese restaurant, a singing room and a bar. They stay all night at Wolmido theme park and at a pool hall and relieve their hangover with instant cup noodle and kimbap, or seaweed covered rice snacks, at a convenience store. 

In the music video, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL made cameo appearances and added more fun. As the world takes a closer look on what Psy’s new music video looks like, the huge success of “Gangnam Style” increasingly weighs on Psy. Given that Psy has teamed up with the world-renowned hip hop singer Snoop Dogg, this new music video has to show “meaningful” accomplishment. Indeed, Psy expressed his stress frankly by saying in an interview with AP, “I have a severe, heavy pressure on my shoulders. In that way I don’t like the song (Gangnam Style).” 

Meanwhile, with the popularity of the music video, CJ HealthCare, a hangover reliever manufacturer, is having a big smile, since its “Heotgae Condition,” a hangover reliever made of dulcis tree bark, is being displayed on the music video. 

The hangover reliever was naturally exposed in the scenes Psy is having hard time of getting over the hangover and Snoop Dogg also drinks it at a convenience store. With its appearance in the music video, CJ HealthCare pulled off a feat in terms of advertisement effects for free. 

An official at CJ said, “We found out the fact that our product appeared in the music video after the completion of the music video as YG Entertainment did not ask for product tie-in. Psy exposed our product in consideration that he once was a commercial model of our product.” 

Besides the hangover reliever, Dry Finish D and Chamiseul, a beer brand and a soju brand of Hite Jinro respectively, appeared in the music video. Psy was an advertising model of the alcoholic drinks in 2013 and he advertised the hangover reliever in 2012.

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