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QBS “Homo Applicus” to Debut in Asia TV Forum & Market 2013 Singapore


QBS has been interested in the technology of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting with smartphone technology. (image : katielips @ flickr)


SEOUL, Korea, Nov 13 (Korea Bizwire) – The two-way TV program combining the homegrown technology of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) with smartphone technology is attracting keen attention from overseas content buyers. QBS, a TV station specializing in sending terrestrial TV signals through DMB channels, said on November 12 that its in-house program “Homo Applicus” will be presented in the upcoming Asia TV Forum & Market 2013 to be held in Singapore for two days between December 3 and 4. 

The annual trade show is one of the world’s biggest international content markets, with more than 4,000 content buyers from TV stations and film production companies in 52 countries last year. The two-way TV program category will debut this year and “Homo Applicus” program produced by QBS has been prepared for this occasion jointly with the state-run Korea Internet & Security Agency. 

Launched on July 24 this year, the weekly program aired every Wednesday evening features a variety of mobile apps, with two female emcees hosting the program. What’s special about the program that made the Asia TV Forum & Market 2013 invite it to the content market was that it shows the TV program on upper side while at the same time allowing viewers to test apps featured on the program. 

“Smart DMB,” the next-generation DMB application, has logged in 3 million downloads only six months after launch. The latest Samsung Galaxy phone series has this app as part of the default setting. 

Lee Hee-dae, content planning manager with QBS who was instrumental in creating the program, said, “Instead of one-way programs that viewers watch passively, we are seeking to create DMB programs that viewers can have a say all the time. The two-way broadcasting platform called Smart DMB can be born because of the combination of smartphone and LTE technology. And that’s how our program Homo Applicus was created.” 

Two-way broadcasting contents including Homo Applicus will make their appearance at 4 pm on December 5 at the Expo Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

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