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S. Korea and Indian Collaborate on Drama About Heo Hwang-ok, Queen of Gaya

Both movie and drama will be produced and released in both countries at the same time with the aim of airing in 2020. (image: Say On Media)

Both movie and drama will be produced and released in both countries at the same time with the aim of airing in 2020. (image: Say On Media)

SEOUL, Mar. 1 (Korea Bizwire)A South Korean-Indian collaboration film and drama based on Gaya’s first queen, Heo Hwang-ok, has gotten the green light.

South Korean drama production company Say On Media announced on Thursday that it has agreed to make a collaboration film and drama with India’s Eros International Group and B&C Group.

The joint production will be based on the Korean novel ‘Heo Hwang-ok, Embrace of Gaya’ published in 2010.

The story will cover the journey of princess Heo Hwang-ok of the Ayuta Kingdom of ancient India arriving at Gimhae, a love story with King Suro, a founder of Gaya and her path to the throne.

Both movie and drama will be produced and released in both countries at the same time with the aim of airing in 2020.

With Heo Hwang-ok connecting the two countries, Indian culture will be introduced throughout the Gimhae region.

The seedling of a Bodhi tree, which was recently donated by the Indian government, will be planted in the city after adjusting for the climate.

The tree is expected to be meaningful as Buddhism was introduced to Gaya through Jang Yuhwasang, Heo’s brother.

Furthermore, the Indian Museum in Seoul will be relocated to Gimhae. The museum plans to open in March of next year with 2,500 Indian folk arts and artifacts donated free of charge.

Particularly, a memorial park for Queen Heo is under construction in Ayodhya, a city in India known as the birthplace of Queen Heo Hwang-ok, and a memorial park for Queen Heo will be built in Gimhae as well.

D. M. Park (dmpark@koreabizwire.com)

19 thoughts on “S. Korea and Indian Collaborate on Drama About Heo Hwang-ok, Queen of Gaya

    • T

      There’s actually conflict as to what “Ayuta” refers to. It is widely believed South Koreans believe “Ayuta” refers to Ayodhya which is a North Indian city. Others believe it is actually a place in Thailand. Some actually doubt the existence of this queen altogether. However, there is also I think a city/town/village close to Kanyakumari that it could be referring to. It really depends on the angle the story-writers take. Either way, in a historical k-drama everyone speaks Korean regardless of which kingdom they’ve come from. There has been only a handful of K-drama I’ve watched where the “yuan dynasty” envoys had translators because they couldn’t communicate, and even then those were short-lived characters.

      But to clarify – Ayodhya is most likely going to be the origin. It is even the sister city of Gimhae. For this reason. So she probably won’t be Tamil because Ayodhya isn’t in Tamil Nadu, and therefore that wouldn’t make sense. And having her speak Tamil then also wouldn’t make sense.

      I’m not saying no to a different language speaking character. I’m just saying it’s unlikely. Especially if it’s the main character.

        • Rajesh

          Question is not about the nationality she belongs to. History should report correctly. If there is any mistake we need to correct that. The queen’s origin traces back to South Tamil Nadu which is rich in Pearls and the symbols they got as evidence is Fish which is a symbol of Pandiya Kingdom.

  1. mishy

    truly a great approach towards breaking the culture barriers of both nations! a love story that bloomed back when there was no racism! amazing! my well wishes remain with the team!

    P.S. my dear South Indian friends, stop claiming everywhere she’s a Tamil princess. At this point it doesn’t even matter what her ethnicity was. Being Indian is enough!

    • Rajesh

      Answer me, Can you say Chalukya dynasty and Gupta dynasty as one and the same?

      When the evidences are clear enough to say that she belongs to Tamil Nadu what is your mistake. Being a Indian it is our responsibility to correct the history if it is wrong.

  2. samir sardana

    Are Koreans proud of their lineage to Rama ? Y ? I thought Koreans read history and follow Mahayana Buddhism !

    Is Rama the role Model of the Koreans ?

    How can a Korean or a Hindoo even consider Rama as a God or a Prophet or a Messenger or a Seer

    Rama told Sita that he saved her for HIS HONOUR and not for the HONOUR AND DIGNITY OR SEETA OR A WOMAN


    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda – Book Of War

    Chapter [Sarga] 115

    विदितश्चास्तु भद्रं ते योऽयं रणपरिश्रमः |
    सुतीर्णः सुहृदां वीर्यान्न त्वदर्थं मया कृतः || ६-११५-१५
    रक्षता तु मया वृत्तमपवादम् च सर्वतः |
    प्रख्यातस्यात्मवंशस्य न्यङ्गं च परिमार्जता || ६-११५-१६

    “Let it be known to you that this endeavor in the shape of war, which has been successful carried through, due to the strength of my friends was not undertaken for your sake. Let there be prosperity to you! This was done by me in order to keep up my good conduct and to wipe off the evil-speaking from all sides as well as the insinuation on my own illustrious dynasty.”

    यत्कर्तव्यं मनुष्येण धर्षणां प्रतिमार्जता |
    तत्कृतं रावणं हत्वा मयेदं मानकाङ्क्क्षिणा || ६-११५-१३

    “I, wanting for an honour, have done this particular act, which ought to be done by a man, in killing Ravana and thus wiping away the insult meted out to me.”

    निर्जिता जीवलोकस्य तपसा भावितात्मना |
    अगस्त्येन दुराधर्षा मुनिना दक्षिणेव दिक् || ६-११५-१४

    “You have been won by me, whose mind stands purified by asceticism as the southern quarter, which was difficult to be approached by the world of mortals, was conquered by the Sage Agastya.”

    गतोऽस्म्यन्तममर्षस्य धर्षणा संप्रमार्जिता |
    अवमानश्च शत्रश्च युगपन्निहतौ मया || ६-११५-३

    “I have come to the end of my indignation and my outrage has been completely requited as also the contempt against the enemy have been wiped out, all at once, by me.”

    अद्य मे पौरुषं दृष्टमद्य मे सफलः श्रमः |
    अद्य तीर्णप्रतिज्ञोऽहं प्रभवाम्यद्य चात्मनः || ६-११५-४

    “Now, my manly strength has been seen by all. Today, my toil has borne fruit. Now, I have fulfilled my promise. Today, I am the master of myself.”

  3. samir sardana

    Are Koreans proud of their lineage to Rama ? Y ? I thought Koreans read history and follow Mahayana Buddhism !

    Is Rama the role Model of the Koreans ?

    How can a Korean or a Hindoo even consider Rama as a God or a Prophet or a Messenger or a Seer

    Was Rama a Gay Monkey ?


    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda – Book Of War

    Chapter [Sarga] 128

    आजानुलम्बिबाहुश्च महास्कन्धः प्रतापवान् |
    लक्ष्मणानुचरो रामः पृथिवीमन्वपालयत् || ६-१२८-९७

    That Rama, having his long arms reaching down his knees, having a broad chest and glorious, ruled this earth with Lakshmana as his companion.

    No humans has arms reaching to the knees ! Is Rama an Ape ?

    Rama ruled for 10000 years with Lakshmana – as HIS COMPANION ? What about Seeta Maiya ? What do have here ? A Gay Monkey !
    Rama spent 12 years with Lakshmana and Apes, with no sex with a woman – so he became Gay –so what – it is all evolution !
    As per Ramayana – Rama ruled happily ever after for 1000 years, with Lakshmana by his side (not Seeta) – it is all the Gay Thing (although Uttarakandam says that Rama and Seeta made merry for 10000 years – as miya bibi – but that was to neuter the Gay Theory of the Valmiki Ramayana)
    Also, the Ramayana says that Rama had hands till his knees, and that explains his love and fondness for all apes and monkeys
    Rama the Limpdick spent 12 years with Lakshmana, in a jungle, with no sex – and was sexually frustrated , and then Vali was banging his brother’s wife – and so, Rama the Limpdick killed Vali – it is all OK La !

  4. samir sardana

    This is proof that Rama and Lakshman are impotent limpdicks who could not even sense or hear Seeta Maiaya’s
    pangs and wailings.The poor nepali randi had to plead to TREES,BIRDS,RIVERS ! But none came to help the nepali randi

    This is the state of the Godliness of Impotentica Rama and Lakshmana.These Hindoo Gods could not sense that their
    woman was giving a blow job to Ravana – until the monkeys told them ! dindooohindoo

    Book III : Aranya Kanda – The Forest Trek
    Chapter [Sarga] 49

    हा लक्ष्मण महाबाहो गुरु चित्त प्रसादक |
    ह्रियमाणाम् न जानीषे रक्षसा काम रूपिणा || ३-४९-२४

    “Haa, greatly dextrous Lakshmana… oh, rejoicer of your mentor… you are incognisant of me who am being abducted by this demon who is a dissembler. [3-49-24]

    जीवितम् सुखम् अर्थाम् च धर्म हेतोः परित्यजन् |
    ह्रियमाणाम् अधर्मेण माम् राघव न पश्यसि || ३-४९-२५

    “Oh, Raghava, you have relinquished your high-life, happiness, and riches for the sake of righteousness, and though you avowed to protect your observants, you are unobservant of me who am being abducted by the unrighteousness itself. [3-49-5]

    ननु नाम अविनीतानाम् विनेता असि परंतप |
    कथम् एवम् विधम् पापम् न त्वम् शास्सि हि रावणम् || ३-४९-२६

    “Oh, enemy-inflamer Rama, I reckon that you are an absolute controller of uncontrollable beings, I wonder why you are not controlling this kind of sinner, Ravana, indeed?” This is how Seetha started her cry in wilderness. [3-49-26]

    आमंत्रये जनस्थानम् कर्णिकारान् च पुष्पितान् |
    क्षिप्रम् रामाय शंसध्वम् सीताम् हरति रावणः || ३-४९-३०

    “I call the attention of the flowered Karnikaara trees of Janasthaana, you inform Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha.” Thus, she is addressing the woods and others on the ground from air-chariot. [3-49-30]

    हंस सारस संघुष्टाम् वन्दे गोदावरीम् नदीम् |
    क्षिप्रम् रामाय शंस त्वम् सीताम् हरति रावणः || ३-४९-३१

    “I pray you who are with the bustle of swans and saarasa water birds, oh, River Godavari, you promptly tell Rama that Ravana is thieving Seetha. [3-49-31]

    दैवतानि च यान्ति अस्मिन् वने विविध पादपे |
    नमस्करोमि अहम् तेभ्यो भर्तुः शंसत माम् हृताम् || ३-४९-३२

    “I also venerate you, the sylvan deities that travel in this forest with diverse trees or, those that abide on the treetops, you may please inform my husband that I am being stolen. [3-49-32]

    यानि कानिचित् अपि अत्र सत्त्वानि निवसन्ति उत |
    सर्वाणि शरणम् यामि मृग पक्षि गणान् अपि || ३-४९-३३

    “Or, over there, some few beings that are living over there on the ground below, I seek shelter of all the flocks of birds and hoards of animals, and I pray you to convey this news. [3-49-33]

    • Immanuel kuriakose

      Aw! Speaks the one coming from the descendants of the most notorious pimp in the history- Muhammed. Its sad how y’ll have the audacity to speak ill about the others when in the first place your harems and gay rulers are known very well in the west. Poor Aisha got fucked so hard by that pervert. Couldn’t control his erections seeing women- so implemented full veils. Indeed an addict –hahahah.
      Bitches copied everything from bible and our religion and claims to be the one true one. Serious case of paranoia and bipolar nature. BDW wtf was allah? Your interpretation of the ancient Egyptian gods. Fucking assholess muslims.

  5. Jayant kesharwani

    If really such a drama or movie comes on the floor by the collaboration of both the countries then it will be a milestone in our relationship .
    So it’s my humble request to “say on media” please cast the ” iron lady ” n also an ” oxygen lady ” the most adorable ” lee young ae ” in the lead role of Queen ” Heo Hwang Ok “


    She is from Tamil Nadu ayuta kanyakumari not from ayothya . Her name is sembavalam not suriratna. Ayothya old name is saketa. But kanyakumari old name is ayi/ayuthya kingdom. Ayothya fish symbol was given by Mughal emperor in late century. But pandyas has their twin fish flag and also they build a temple named as”meenaatchi” which means fish rule. Even Gaya meaning also fish. Korean and Tamil language has lots of similarities. New born baby learning a new word from their parents is Amma APPA in tamilnadu exactly Korean kids are also pronounce the same word with same meaning. Not only these two words. There are more than 2000 words are similar in these two languages. Even Korean word forming consonants Tamil are also same . At that time ayothya doesn’t have any sea route. But ayuthya kanyakumari has famous for trade. Korkai port which is famous for pearl. Kanyakumari had trade relationship with Korea. Korea’s chuseok festival and Tamil pongal festival are exactly same. Most of the Tamil folk music has come rural side mostly farmers Fisher mans they’ll sang many songs but all of them are illiterate even though they they sing song to freshup their mind. In our culture what ever happened in our life we’ll express it by singing exactly koreans are also done the same. So that only kpop has formed. Tamilnadu main dish is rice Korea’s main dish is also rice. So please research correctly and find your real identity. India has influenced by Hindi so they won’t reveal the truth about Tamil history. Please give her real identity

  7. Harishankar7

    Myself being an Tamilan….i wish she could be a Tamil prince…but I don’t want that…because Tamilnadu is a part of India…and also UP is….so I will be happy just for mentioning INDIA…stop those silly fights



  9. Kim Doek Mi

    As a descendant of Kim Su-ro and Heo Hwang Ok, let me say the facts. Heo Hwang Ok is from Ayuta Kingdom in India. After extensive research and analysis of the city of Ayodhya in India, our South Korean historians found that Ayodhya is the Kingdom of Ayuta. Surprisingly most aspects of the culture of the Ayodhya City and Korean culture have many similarities. Some people are claiming she is a Tamil without any proofs. She is mentioned as a daughter of an Indian merchant. She is not a princess , also she is not a Tamil and some fools say Indian Government announced Ayodhya as Ayuta. It is our top Korean Historians who found that it is Ayodhya, not India. Our Korean people are more intelligent than whatever your Tamil. Just don’t plagiarize my ancestor’s history with your own fairy tales to claim pride in things that doesn’t belong to you. 안녕하세요 인도❤️ Thanks to people of Ayodhya for sending my ancestor to Hanguk


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