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S. Korean Military Declares ‘Zero Tolerance’ Against Sex Offenders

(image: Ministry of National Defense)

(image: Ministry of National Defense)

SEOUL, Feb. 21 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea’s military law-enforcement authorities announced plans Wednesday for tougher punishment against sex offenders amid the spread of the #MeToo movement in the country.

In a report to the National Assembly, the Military Court of Korea said it will introduce the so-called “one strike, you’re out” system against soldiers committing sexual crimes.

It set a range of stronger punishments: dismissal for rape, demotion for sexual assault or abuse and suspension for sexual harassment or sex trafficking.

Military officers will be subject to legal punishment for conniving in sexual violence.

The military also plans to expand internal education on sex crimes.’

Last month, Seo Ji-hyeon, a female prosecutor, disclosed that she was sexually assaulted in 2010 by Ahn Tae-geun, a senior male prosecutor at that time.

Her assertion garnered explosive public support and prompted the disclosure of similar cases that had been kept secret for a long time.

Some female crew members at Asiana Airlines publicly accused its CEO, Park Sam-koo, of making frequent unwanted physical contact with them.

Lee Youn-taek, one of South Korea’s most prominent theater directors, and Ko Un, a renowned poet, were forced to apologize publicly for their past sexual violence against women in their workplaces.

In the latest revelation, actor Jo Min-ki quit his post as a professor at a local university over alleged sexual abuse against his students.


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