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Samsung Donates Buses to Red Cross

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SEOUL, Nov. 24 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Group, South Korea’s top conglomerate, said Wednesday it had donated four blood donation buses built with contributions from executives to the Korean Red Cross.

In January, Samsung executives voluntarily donated 10 percent of the bonuses they received in December last year to come up with a donation fund of over 10 billion won (US$7.52 million), sending it to the Korean Red Cross for the production of the latest blood donation buses.

Blood donations by groups including students, military servicemembers, and office workers through blood donation buses account for 33 percent of all blood donations in South Korea, which indicates the vital role blood donation buses have in the blood supply.


The Korean Red Cross currently operates 93 blood donation buses, some 10 of which require replacement due to aging. Only six of them have been replaced, however, due to budget shortfalls.

Samsung plans to support the production of 40 blood donation buses over the next 10 years.

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