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Samsung Electronics Unveils New Hybrid Fridge with Peltier Modules

Samsung Electronics Co.'s new Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerator (Image courtesy of Samsung Elecs)

Samsung Electronics Co.’s new Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerator (Image courtesy of Samsung Elecs)

SEOUL, June 20 (Korea Bizwire) – Samsung Electronics Co. on Thursday unveiled the industry’s first hybrid refrigerator using semiconductor elements and artificial intelligence to improve energy efficiency and performance.

The new Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerator adopts a hybrid cooling method that combines Peltier modules, along with a traditional compressor.

Peltier modules, or thermoelectric modules, are thermal control devices that provide both heating and cooling effects, maintaining the surface temperature at a set target.

These modules are commonly used in small consumer products, such as portable coolers and minibar fridges, but are less frequently applied to larger appliances due to their traditionally lower power efficiency.

Samsung Electronics said its new Hybrid Refrigerator is the first large-sized fridge that uses Peltier modules for cooling, thanks to the company’s advancements in improving the power efficiency of these modules.

“We developed a new type of cooling for refrigerators in which the compressor and semiconductor work together like a hybrid car to achieve optimal efficiency,” said Wee Hoon, vice president at Samsung Electronics. “I think there are no similar products overseas.”

The company said the hybrid cooling system reduces power consumption of the fridge, one of the most power-hungry appliances in the home.

During normal operation, the AI inverter compressor functions alone to maintain constant energy consumption. However, when a large amount of energy is required — such as during peak ice usage in summer or when a substantial amount of new food is added — the Peltier module activates to provide rapid and efficient cooling.

Additionally, an AI algorithm built with machine learning optimizes operation by distinguishing between routine door openings and situations requiring maximum cooling.

Samsung Electronics emphasized this improved the energy consumption efficiency by 30 percent compared to the highest standard product, potentially saving users 28,000 won (US$20) per year on electricity bills.


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