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Samsung Unveils Chip Production Line Made of Lego Blocks

SEOUL, June 30 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Electronics Co. has unveiled a miniaturized model of its first chip fab, Phase 1 (P1) fab, at the company’s Pyeongtaek plant in Gyeonggi Province made entirely of Lego blocks.

The P1 fab is the world’s largest semiconductor production line. The creation of the Lego model is part of Samsung’s efforts to publicize the safety of its semiconductor production lines.

The company unveiled a video titled “FAB on the Block: Secret of Clean Room” on Monday. The video features a miniature model of the P1 fab.

The model miniaturized on a scale of 520:1 was made of Lego blocks to show how the semiconductor production line is safe from dust.

Semiconductors, in general, are produced within clean rooms that are designed to maintain the degree of particles in the air as well as temperature, humidity and pressure at a constant level, since even a minute particle of dust can cause errors to the chips for which ultra-minute nano-unit processing is applied.

By using 15,000 Lego blocks, Samsung has embodied the internal design of the clean room in detail, including the semiconductor line’s air-conditioning system, production facilities, wafer and automation system.

The company vividly realized how clean rooms are operated in a purified manner using Lego blocks.

It took eight days for Samsung to create the miniaturized model. Lego Certified Professional Kim Seong-wan participated in the making of the miniaturized model.

Samsung said the secret behind its world-class competitiveness in semiconductor production lies in its capacity to manage a unique air-conditioning and clean room system.

In particular, Samsung has made it a rule for the workers engaged on the production line to always wear dust-proof clothes, caps, gloves, shoes and masks.

When the internal air of the production line is circulated, it is purified through high-efficiency filters.

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