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Seosan Cheonsu Bay Bike Path Selected as a Must-Visit Destination by Korea Tourism Organization


HONGSEONG, Feb. 27 (Korea Bizwire) – South Chungcheong Province announced on February 26 that the Seosan Cheonsu Bay Bike Path has been recognized as one of the “Recommended Places to Visit in March” by the Korea Tourism Organization.

Nestled in a region celebrated for its lush natural landscapes, the Cheonsu Bay Bike Path offers an ideal setting for cycling enthusiasts.



The route stretches from Woncheong-ri in Nam-myeon, Taean County, winds through the Seosan A and B district embankments, and concludes at Namdang Port in Hongseong, providing a scenic journey estimated to take between three to four hours to complete.



Cyclists also have the flexibility to choose their own starting and ending points, making it accessible for all levels.

The path is largely flat and runs along the coast, providing exhilarating rides with panoramic views of the expansive Cheonsu Bay and the reclaimed lands of Seosan. 


Adding to the allure, the path includes a segment known as the Cherry Blossom Road, which runs from Gapsa Temple to Sinchang Reservoir and onto a hanwoo (Korean beef) farm in Seosan.

This route is renowned for its winding green hills and breathtaking vistas, earning it the nickname “Korea’s Little Alps.”


The bike path also connects to some of the country’s most well-preserved historical sites, including Seosan Haemieupseong Fortress and Haemi International Sanctuary, making it an ideal route for cyclists looking to enjoy the gentle breezes of spring while soaking in the cultural heritage.

Midway through the route, cyclists can visit Ganwol Island, renowned for its stunning sunsets that blend perfectly with Ganwolam Hermitage, making it a highlight among Seosan’s nine scenic views.

The Korea Tourism Organization selects five tourist destinations each month based on a specific theme.

The inclusion of the Seosan Cheonsu Bay Bike Path follows the selection of other local attractions such as Hongseong’s Yongbong Mountain in January and Buyeo’s Gyuam Village in February, marking the third consecutive month that a site from South Chungcheong Province has been featured in the recommended destinations list.

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