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Seoul City to Plant 400,000 Trees to Reduce Air Pollution


SEOUL, Feb. 25 (Korea Bizwire)The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced a plan to plant as many as 400,000 trees along 68 tree-lined streets and unused road spaces as part of efforts to reduce fine dust as well as to create rest areas for citizens.

Unlike the past when the same trees were monotonously planted in a row, the city government intends to create more dimensional tree-lined streets by arranging a variety of short and tall trees in a mixed manner.

Street green belts will be newly created for the pedestrian spaces adjacent to five trunk roads in downtown areas, while about 40 places with outdated green belts will be newly renovated.


For four elementary school walkways, a variety of shrubs, arborescents and ground cover plants will be planted in a compact and dense manner.

For 17 unused road spaces, including traffic islands and median strips, as many as 200,000 trees, including shade trees, will be planted to protect pedestrians from the scorching sunlight during the summer.

The city government also plans to install amenities like benches and pergolas to improve the convenience of pedestrians.

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