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Seoul City to Suspend Use of All Diesel Cars in Public Sector by 2025

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SEOUL, July 30 (Korea Bizwire)The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced Wednesday that the use of diesel cars in the public sector will be suspended by 2025.

The measure includes all vehicles used by City Hall and its sub-agencies, as well as district offices. City buses and taxis that require permits from the city are also subject to the new policy.

All new vehicle purchases will be limited to eco-friendly vehicles including electric vehicle, hydrogen cars, hybrid, or liquefied petroleum gas-powered vehicles.


Diesel cars currently in use will be replaced with eco-friendly vehicles once they reach their expiration date. Those that expire after 2025 will be subject to early replacement, and all replaced diesel cars will be scrapped.

There are reportedly 5,153 diesel cars currently being used in the public sector.

Medium-sized cargo vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, street sweepers, and other diesel vehicles without any eco-friendly alternatives available will be scheduled for replacement starting in 2025.

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