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Seoul Government to Expand Spaces of “Healing” for Emotional Laborers

Seoul Bukbu Hospital's rooftop garden. (image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Seoul Bukbu Hospital’s rooftop garden. (image: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

SEOUL, Aug. 2 (Korea Bizwire) The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to turn “Service Design” into a brand in an effort to expand its outreach.

“Service Design” is a space of refuge created by Seoul, dedicated to bringing emotional relief to people whose jobs require emotional labor.

Seoul revealed today that it would be developing the “Service Design” model further to be included as place of “healing” at public institutions, schools and even corporations.

Seoul’s city government has been creating “healing centers,” rooftop gardens and cozy individual working spaces at government medical centers since 2015, and plans to expand these facilities to other institutions.

At 13 government hospitals currently operated by the Seoul government, an official manual helps employees take appropriate action against verbal and physical violence.

In addition, a healing center was built at the Yongin Mental Hospital, providing a place of rest to workers who must put up with constant verbal and physical abuse from patients.

At Seoul Bukbu Hospital, patients, guardians and residents alike can take a break at the hospital’s rooftop garden.

At the Seoul Suicide Prevention Center, workspaces are designed to maximize comfort as employees must stay at their work stations all day long, providing consultations to callers who are dangerously suicidal.

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