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Six-month-long Jazz Festival in Seoul is Heating up


SEOUL, Nov. 5 (Korea Bizwire) The 2014 Seoul Jazz Wonderland being held in Seoul almost reaches the peak. The six-month-long music festival which runs from July 19 through December 27 has now entered into the second season. The music festival consists of three seasons, each of which is held for two months with different themes: “Jazz in Korea” for season 1, “Jazz in Asia” for season 2 and “Jazz in the World” for season 3.

As part of the season 2 program, the Korea-Japan Jazz Exchange Performance was held on September 20 for jazz fans from both Korea and Japan. The Season 3 festival starting on November 8 will be an arena for jazz enthusiasts from all around the world regardless of race and nationality. The first event in season 3 dubbed the Jazz Wonderland Global Party is scheduled to take place on November 15.


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