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SK Telecom Expands AI X-ray Analysis for Pets


SEOUL, Aug. 21 (Korea Bizwire) SK Telecom Co. said Sunday it will expand the diagnostic capabilities of X Caliber, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution for analyzing X-rays in pets.

X Caliber has proven effective in identifying seven musculoskeletal disorders, ten thoracic diseases, and cases of cardiomegaly.

The company’s upcoming plans involve incorporating the sixteen most prevalent abdominal illnesses among pets into X Caliber’s diagnostic capabilities.

The South Korea’s largest wireless carrier said that X Caliber demonstrates a 94 percent accuracy in interpreting X-ray results related to abdominal diseases, comparable to readings performed by veterinary experts from major animal hospitals.

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X Caliber also detects other anomalies. All this information is processed in a mere 15 seconds after a veterinarian uploads the X-ray images of a pet dog to X Caliber’s dedicated cloud platform.

Currently, around 210 veterinary clinics have adopted the use of X Caliber for their diagnostic needs.

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