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SK Telecom Manages Insomnia and Belly Fat Through Gene Analysis


SEOUL, Jan. 26 (Korea Bizwire)SK Telecom Co., South Korea’s largest mobile carrier, has upgraded its mobile app-based DNA testing service in a bid to remain at the forefront of the personal customized healthcare market.

The subscription-based service, named care8 DNA, was introduced by the company last year.

SK Telecom said Monday that it more than doubled the number of items covered by this service from 29 in six categories, including nutrition, dining habits and physical exercise, to 60, as part of efforts to provide a wider range of personal customized services.

The newly added items include insomnia, yo-yo syndrome, muscle development capability and belly fat, which are essential items to ensure health management.


Care8 DNA is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) gene test-based health coaching service that SK Telecom developed in September last year in partnership with bio firm Macrogen Inc. and the mobile carrier’s joint venture Invites Healthcare Co.

The DTC genetic testing provides consumers access to their genetic information through inquiries directly to private companies rather than medical institutions.

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