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Ski Resorts Suffer from Snowless Winter


SEOUL, Jan. 13 (Korea Bizwire)The declining popularity of skiing coupled with snowless weather is forcing ski resorts to turn to alternative attractions to reaming profitable.

Resorts have opened separate theme parks for visitors disinterested in skiing, while doubling efforts to ‘revive’ skiing.

Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon Province reportedly sold 91,807 lift tickets this season in November and December, which was down by more than 4,000 tickets compared to the previous year (96,156).


“The record-breaking snowless weather, on top of delayed winter vacation, has resulted in poor financial performance in December,” said one source familiar with the resort industry.

“A growing preference for indoor sports, rather than outdoors, also had an impact on overall performance.”

Image Credit: Yonhap / Phoenix Pyeongchang /

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