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South Koreans Flock to Send Donations to Turkey

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SEOUL, Feb. 16 (Korea Bizwire)South Koreans are showing compassion through unending support for the victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey.

Relief donations from all over the country were gathered in a logistics center in Incheon in response to a call for help from the Turkish Embassy in Seoul.

The donations included thick blankets, various winter clothes, padded jackets, baby clothes and hot packs. They will be organized at the logistics center before Turkish Airlines ships them off to the earthquake victims.

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“Many have lost their homes because of the earthquake. They need more tents, blankets, electric heaters, and sleeping bags, instead of clothes,” a Turkish Embassy official said.

“Sanitation also poses a serious problem. We’d appreciate it if there are more donations of hand sanitizer, masks, wet paper towels, sanitary pads and diapers.”

While the embassy accepts second-hand products, they take more time in terms of shipment because they have to be cleaned first. Donating new, unused products, therefore, will expedite the relief effort.

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