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World’s Longest Luge Track Built on Closed National Highway


HOENGSEONG, Aug. 10 (Korea Bizwire)A closed national highway in Gangwon Province will be transformed into a luge track.

Hoengseong County has turned the Ucheon-myeon section of the old National Highway No. 42 into an eco-friendly luge track with a parking lot and other convenience facilities, which will open on Wednesday.

The county spent 2.7 billion won (US$2.3 million) to build a 2.4 kilometer-long luge track, making it one of the longest luge courses in the world.


It is the first luge track ever to be built and managed by a local authority, spotlighted for utilizing a road that went out of service.

A recent investigation by the Korea Consumer Agency revealed that some components of the luge karts at nine luge tracks across the country contained hazardous substances. The luge karts to be used at the new luge track, however, passed safety inspections.

Image Credit: Yonhap / Skyline Luge Tongyeong /

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