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Yeongyang Pepper H.O.T Festival: A Spicy Celebration in the Heart of Seoul!

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SEOUL & YEONGYANG, Sept. 18 (Korea Bizwire) – The Yeongyang Pepper H.O.T Festival, a festival celebrating chili peppers in Yeongyang County, is happening for three days starting on September 18 at Seoul Plaza. The festival’s motto is “Yeongyang Pepper is Always Right!”

This festival began back in 2007 at Seoul Plaza, solely dedicated to chili peppers. It has grown to become Seoul’s most eagerly anticipated event, connecting consumers from the smallest rural areas to the largest city in Korea.

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This year’s festival is designed to cater to the tastes of city dwellers, ensuring they get the true and honest flavor of Yeongyang Pepper in the post-corona era.

Furthermore, considering the challenges of the post-corona world, the festival is focusing on marketing agricultural specialty products in an integrated way. Instead of numerous stage events, it will offer selected and concentrated experiences, such as various exhibitions and hands-on activities.

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To make things more convenient for festivalgoers, there will be a separate booth offering delivery assistance and courier services to transport purchased items to nearby subway stations and bus stops.

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