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Activist Pickets for Nipple Freedom

PYH2015041600010001300_P2_99_20150416064804SEOUL, Apr. 16 (Korea Bizwire)A twenty-something woman protested in a bikini at Cheonggye Stream in Seoul on April 15.

The woman, who introduces herself as a feminist and animal rights activist, held a sign saying ‘why are women’s nipples not OK when men’s are?’ at the stream. The activist also picketed topless at Gwanghwamun Plaza and Gangnam Station on April 13 and 14 against the use of animal fur in clothing.

The activist is known to have worked as a successful imported car dealer, and is also a rising internet star. She uploaded pictures of her protest on SNS and stated, “No one cares about these issues unless someone goes naked.”

10956793_378597652338678_455188567_nImage Credit: Yonhap / @sophialee8888 /

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