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Air Conditioner Service Crisis Looms for Homebound S. Koreans


SEOUL, May 19 (Korea Bizwire)In the wake of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and with many South Koreans choosing to stay at home to limit exposure to the virus, the looming hot summer weather portends a crisis for air conditioner after-sales service with demand expected to soar.

According to Samsung Electronics Service Co., a repair service provider of South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co., the number of pre-inspection applications for air conditioners increased 25 percent in the March to May period of this year compared to last year.

The number of applications for air conditioner cleaning received this year also increased by 15 percent compared to the same period last year.


Searing temperatures expected this summer are another factor that heralds an after-sales service crisis in air conditioners.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Climate Center recently released a report predicting that temperatures near the Korean Peninsula will be higher than usual between May and August.

Customers with faulty air conditioners typically have to wait five days or more for a repair technician’s visit in July and August.

Service companies see the end of May, just before mid-June when the heat is in full swing, as the last time customers will be able to book a technician without having to wait.

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