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Air Force to Push for “Smart” Aircraft

(image: ROK Air Force)

(image: ROK Air Force)

SEOUL, May 11 (Korea Bizwire)In preparation for a new era of automated planes, the Korean Air Force will put forth a plan to develop a “Future Automated Aviation Center.”

This is part of a plan by the Air Force to build its combat power through both manned and automated combat planes, rather than just relying on the former.

“A master plan will help construct an air force that is in tune with the ‘smart Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said the Air Force yesterday.

According to the plan, various new programs are in the works, including an automated aviation research center, the development of an access system based on AI technology, and an IoT-based smart health care system for pilots.

The proposed automated aviation center would focus on the development of drones and automated fighter planes to be established by 2021.

The AI technology-based access system will rely on facial or car plate number recognition that would be implemented on a comprehensive level.

The IoT-based health care system would feature wearable devices that would monitor a pilot’s physical condition during flight or training.

In addition to such efforts, a training center for maintenance work using virtual and augmented reality-type technology is also being planned.

This would allow aircraft technicians to simulate various maintenance and repair circumstances in actual battle-like environments via virtual reality.

It will also allow for better preparation for maintenance work to be performed on planes during flight.

“The master plan will help support the nation and its national defense policies,” said Lt. Col. Lee Jae-gyeong, who is in charge of information planning duties at the Air Force.

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