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ASICS Celebrates a Legacy of Running with the City of Angels

The 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon activities kicked off with the Treadmill premiere in Newport Beach at Fashion Island on February 22. (imgae: KobizMedia)

The 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon activities kicked off with the Treadmill premiere in Newport Beach at Fashion Island on February 22. (imgae: KobizMedia)

IRVINE, Calif., March 4, 2014 (Korea Bizwire) – As the title sponsor of the ASICS Los Angeles Marathon, ASICS America  will pay tribute to the sport of running as it brings Los Angeles  together, making every marathoner feel like a star on race day. With  more than 459,570 official finishers since the first race in 1986 and  more than 24,000 runners competing on the Stadium to Sea course this  year, the entire city of Los Angeles buzzes with excitement on race day  to support the competitors and the running community. Leading up to race  day, ASICS will bring the marathon spirit to every boulevard of the city  with its “We Are Marathoners” campaign which showcases a mobile  treadmill challenge set at the pace of the LA Marathon course record, a  limited edition ASICS Los Angeles Marathon commemorative footwear and  apparel collection, and the virtual cheering zone, “Support  Your Marathoner.”

“Race day in any city is one of the most memorable days of the year,  especially in Los Angeles, where the city comes to life to commemorate  the history of this iconic marathon and those that better their best by  running year after year,” said ASICS America CEO Kevin Wulff. “As a true  sports performance brand, we are honored to celebrate the tremendous  accomplishments of all the Los Angeles marathoners. From first timers to  veterans and legacy runners, all are an inspiration to the running  community and we are looking forward to cheering them on during race  day.”

LA Marathon, A Legacy of Running

In 1986, 10,787 registrants ran the first Los Angeles Marathon. On March  9, 2014, 185 of the inaugural runners will cross the finish line to  celebrate their 29th Los Angeles Marathon. They are the ASICS  Los Angeles Marathon Legacy Runners and they have completed every single  LA Marathon since the first race and they strive to continue their  streak this year. These 185 runners have shown commendable, unbridled  commitment to the sport of running and have the stories to show for it.  To support their efforts and celebrate the history of the race, ASICS  America will create the ASICS LA Marathon Legacy Runners Exhibit,  telling their stories and showcasing memorabilia from past races.

The ASICS LA Marathon Legacy Runners Exhibit will travel around the city  with the ASICS LA Marathon treadmill, allowing the entire community a  chance to learn about the accomplishments of the Legacy Runners and the  history of the race. Legacy Runner John Butcher is also featured on a  larger than life wallscape on Sunset Boulevard and N. Olive drive,  honoring his story and all 185 Legacy Runners.

Do You Have What It Takes?


ASICS Women's LA Marathon GEL-Lyte33(TM) 3 (Photo: ASICS/Business Wire)

ASICS Women’s LA Marathon GEL-Lyte33(TM) 3 (Photo: ASICS/Business Wire)

Race fans have the chance to test their speed against a champion  marathoner’s pace by taking the ASICS LA Marathon treadmill challenge.  The one-of-a-kind custom-built treadmill with a safety harness runs at  only one speed, the LA Marathon course record of 2:06:35, which equates  to a 4:50 mile. Leading up to race day, the treadmill will tour Los  Angeles bringing the marathon experience to life with a real-time leader  board. Fans are challenged to see how long they can keep up while they  compete for the record and register to win free ASICS gear.

To view the ASICS LA Marathon treadmill challenge schedule, go to

For the duration of the treadmill challenge, ASICS America will donate  $5 for every minute logged on the treadmill challenge, up to $26,200, to Back  On My Feet. Back On My Feet is a national for-purpose organization  that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way  they see themselves, enabling them to make real change in their lives  that results in employment and independent living.

A Star is Born with the ASICS GEL-Lyte33™ 3 LA Marathon Shoe

To help runners fly through the course, ASICS has given its bestselling  lightweight natural running shoe, the GEL-Lyte33™ 3, a Hollywood  makeover to become part of the ASICS LA Marathon Collection. Released in  limited edition, the ASICS GEL-Lyte33™ 3 features bright colorways,  marathon markings and vibrant palm trees to commemorate the sunny  beaches and open boulevards of the 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon  course.

In addition to the signature shoes, ASICS has developed a head-to-toe  limited edition apparel and accessories collection for this year’s  marathon. The apparel line features a variety of bestselling tech tees  and shorts all bearing the ASICS Los Angeles Marathon logo. The line  will also feature a fun collection of graphic tees to help commemorate  the city and the race. To complement its marathon apparel, ASICS’  accessories line features everything from visors to gloves, performance  socks and bags.

ASICS limited edition marathon collection will be available for sale at  select retailers in Los Angeles, at the ASICS Los Angeles Health and  Fitness Expo, and is currently available online at

ASICS Brings Back Support Your Marathoner

ASICS is helping fans from near and far cheer on friends and family  running the LA Marathon with its award-winning “Support Your Marathoner”  back in LA for a second year. Be a part of the Los Angeles community on  race day by logging on to the Support Your Marathoner website to upload  a motivational video or picture to be delivered directly to competitors  on screens throughout the course.

Marathon runners can also update fans and supporters along the way with  pre-written posts sent out in real time from various points throughout  the 26.2 mile course.  is now live and available for family and friends to share messages of  love and encouragement.

The 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon activities kicked off with the  Treadmill premiere in Newport Beach at Fashion Island on February 22.  Additionally, the brand will showcase the “We Are Marathoners” message  across city buses and at retail locations around the city. Please visit  or  for further information on all activities surrounding race day.


The stripe design featured on the sides of ASICS® shoes is a  trademark of ASICS Corporation and is a registered trademark in most  countries of the world.

Source: ASICS (via BusinessWire)


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