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Award-Winning Korean Photographs Highlight Climate Action for WMO’s 2024 Calendar

"Trace of Typhoon," by Cho Eun-ok

“Trace of Typhoon,” by Cho Eun-ok

SEOUL, Oct. 16 (Korea Bizwire) – Two Korean photographs have been selected for the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) 2024 calendar photo contest. Every year, the World Meteorological Organization holds a photo contest for the following year’s calendar for its 193 member countries.

The Korea Meteorological Administration announced that two photos submitted by South Korea, “Trace of Typhoon” and “K-Bus,” have been selected for the WMO 2024 Calendar Photo Contest. This year, two cover images and one image for each month of the calendar were chosen under the overarching theme of “At the forefront of Climate Action,” resulting in a total of 14 images being selected.

"K-Bus," by Yoon Sung-jin

“K-Bus,” by Yoon Sung-jin

“Trace of Typhoon,” by Cho Eun-ok, captures the image of a road that was shattered like a sheet of paper after last year’s Typhoon Hinamno. “K-Bus,” by Yoon Sung-jin, shows a bus traveling on a road that was flooded by heavy rains in August last year.

These photos were judged to be in line with this year’s theme as they capture the natural disasters that are intensifying due to climate change and emphasize the need for climate action through photography.

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Image credit: The Korea Meteorological Administration, the World Meteorological Organization /

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