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BMW Opens 24-Hour Service Hotline

(image: BMW Korea)

(image: BMW Korea)

SEOUL, Jul. 31 (Korea Bizwire)BMW Korea has announced the launch of a service hotline responsible for vehicle recalls and its nation-wide repair centers operating 24 hours a day, including weekends, starting today.

This is to execute recall procedures as swiftly and as safely as possible, as certain BMW models have been prone to engine fires even after recalls were announced. BMW released the follow-up measures yesterday addressing such issues.

According to BMW Korea, a hotline working exclusively to recall vehicles will be in full operation 24 hours a day in addition to the 61 repair centers nation-wide.

As such, the German carmaker hopes to carry out emergency safety checkups on all of the 106,317 vehicles included in the recall within a window of two weeks.

The safety checkup service will be carried out either by car owners visiting repair centers or by BMW employees making house calls to car owners. In addition, a “pick up and delivery” service by BMW is also an option.

The checkup will take around an hour to complete, and if any problems are detected, faulty parts will be replaced within three hours.

A courtesy car will be provided to car owners if necessary. However, if the check finds no fault with the car parts, a certificate confirming this fact will be issued.

In the case that certified cars catch on fire before a recall, car owners will be given a brand-new car in the same car model category as a replacement.

Car owners can book a checkup via the recall hotline (080-269-5181), by writing an email to, or by downloading the BMW Plus smartphone application.

Kim Hyo-jun, the top executive at BMW Korea, said the company was deeply sorry to car owners for the recall.

“I promise to relieve inconveniences through the car checkups within two weeks and make sure that the recall is complete as quickly as possible,” said the executive.

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