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CCTV Technology Uses AI to Predict Crime

A CCTV Control Center in Seocho District. (image: Seocho District Office)

A CCTV Control Center in Seocho District. (image: Seocho District Office)

SEOUL, Jan. 3 (Korea Bizwire)Seocho District in Seoul will introduce artificial intelligence (AI) CCTV technology, which uses criminal statistics information to predict possible crimes, as early as July.

The district said Thursday that it is developing related technologies with the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and will apply the technology to some 3,000 CCTV cameras in its jurisdiction when the technology development is completed.

The technology uses AI to automatically compare and analyze CCTV footage and crime statistics information to calculate how dangerous the current situation is.

For example, if a man wearing a mask and hat follows a young woman in a back alley at 2 a.m., the CCTV network will make a prediction that the danger is high.

On the other hand, if the same pattern appears at 2 p.m. in the crowded Myeongdong shopping district in Seoul, the risk will be greatly reduced.

“Because AI function is applied to CCTV, we can not only detect suspicious movements that are difficult to be seen at dawn, but we can also immediately identify the image of the person on the screen,” said a representative for the district.

To improve the accuracy of the analysis, ETRI researchers also plan to incorporate 20,000 court rulings and criminal video data.

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