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Cherry Blossoms by Night: Gyeongju’s Gyerim Forest Tops Destinations for Evening Viewers

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SEOUL, Mar. 12 (Korea Bizwire) – In a revelation that underscores the enduring allure of cherry blossoms after dusk, data from last year’s Socar users indicates that Gyeongju’s Gyerim Forest was the premier destination for those seeking the nocturnal beauty of these springtime blooms. 

Socar, a prominent car-sharing service, unveiled its findings on March 11, detailing the preferred nighttime cherry blossom sites based on user data from last year.

경주 계림


The analysis focused on the cherry blossom season spanning March 20 to April 10, specifically tracking vehicles that were parked for over an hour within a 1-kilometer radius of renowned cherry blossom spots nationwide between 7 p.m. and midnight.

The data illuminated that the most frequented location for night-time cherry blossom viewers was the enchanting Gyerim Forest in Gyeongju. Following closely were Ilsan Lake Park, Songdo Central Park, Yeojwacheon Stream in Changwon, and the historic Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon.

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In a bid to enhance the cherry blossom viewing experience, Socar is currently promoting a special offer that includes a 24-hour free car-sharing service for those booking accommodations for overnight trips to these floral spectacles via the Socar platform, coupled with discounts of up to 40,000 won.

Image credit: North Gyeongsang Province, Korea Tourism Organization / 

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