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Hyundai Elevator Introduces New Model with Contact-free Hailing


SEOUL, Feb. 3 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Elevator Co., South Korea’s leading elevator maker, on Tuesday introduced N:EX, a new elevator model equipped with the company’s newest contact-free technologies including Bluetooth tagging and motion call buttons.

Bluetooth tagging, to be applied to elevators in residential buildings, allows users to type the destination floor in a smartphone app to hail the elevator without engaging in any physical contact.

Motion call buttons, to be installed on elevators for commercial buildings, enable users to hail an elevator by recognizing hand motions.


N:EX will come in three models: Strong Black, Brilliant Bronze, and Nature’s Green. The elevators use belts instead of ropes, more than doubling their lifespan.

The elevators will also be equipped with an oil-free system and anion air purifier.

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