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Chinese Netizens Again Claim Kimchi is From China

18936048 - a bowl of traditional korean kimchi.

SEOUL, Nov. 15 (Korea Bizwire)Chinese netizens are once again making false arguments that kimchi originated in China.

Last Friday, Chinese state media published an article titled “Pao Cai makes it to Qatar earlier than Korean football players prior to the World Cup” and others. Pao Cai is a term persistently used in China to refer to kimchi.

The article talked about the Korea Football Association sending 200 kilograms of kimchi that it received from the Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp. to Qatar.

“Korea imitates Chinese culture, and does its worst to steal from others to call it their own,” one of the comments said.

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“A state media writes an article about kimchi to incite controversy, giving the incentive to Chinese netizens to post comments claiming that kimchi is from China. It is a classic method of exploiting kimchi to direct public opinion,” Seo Kyung-duk, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University and an active promoter of Korea, said in a Facebook post.

“Now it’s just getting sad,” he added.

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