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Convenience Store Chains Target Eco-friendly Consumption


SEOUL, Feb. 3 (Korea Bizwire)South Korean convenience stores are engaging in various activities to promote eco-friendly consumption.

7-Eleven announced Thursday that it will replace all regular-sized plastic ice cups with paper cups.

Following the introduction of paper ice cups in January last year, the convenience store had been offering both plastic and paper cups. Now, it plans to abolish the use of plastic ice cups altogether.

7-Eleven expects that this change will lead to a reduction in use of some 50 million plastic cups every year.


Meanwhile, Emart24 is offering a 50 percent discount for purchasing black coffee when using personal tumblers or multi-use cups during the month of February.

The convenience store has been offering a 100-won discount for bringing tumblers since December 2021. Now, it is offering a better discount benefit for February.

Image Credit: 7-Eleven / Emart24 /

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