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Delivery Workers’ Income Rises Over 11% as Efficiency Improves

Baemin Connect (Image courtesy of Woowa Brothers)

Baemin Connect (Image courtesy of Woowa Brothers)

SEOUL, Jun. 5 (Korea Bizwire) – South Korea’s leading food delivery platform, Baemin, has announced that its delivery riders working over 40 hours per week earned an average monthly income of 3.93 million won from January to April this year.

This figure represents a notable increase of 400,000 won (11.3%) compared to the same period in 2023, when the average monthly income stood at 3.53 million won. 

The reported earnings encompass the total time spent by riders on the road, including idle and waiting periods. However, the calculations exclude additional income sources introduced this year, such as the government’s “co-prosperity support fund,” which can provide up to 2.58 million won annually. 

The top 10% of high-earning Baemin riders achieved an average monthly income of 4.04 million won, a significant 270,000 won increase from the previous year’s figure of 3.77 million won for the same period. 

Interestingly, the average weekly working hours for these riders decreased from 47.79 hours to 46.42 hours, a reduction of over an hour.

A representative from Baemin’s operator, Woowa Brothers, attributed the income growth to the successful implementation of the “Efficient Delivery” service, which was introduced approximately a year ago to enhance delivery efficiency and rider profitability.

The “Efficient Delivery” service utilizes artificial intelligence to recommend optimized delivery routes by bundling multiple orders along the most efficient path for riders. This service was initially launched in Seoul’s Gwanak District in late April 2023 and has since expanded to other areas.

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