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Egyptian Treasures Return to Korea


SEOUL, Dec. 19 (Korea Bizwire) – The National Museum of Korea is hosting a special exhibition dubbed “Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum,” starting December 20, that will run through April 9 of next year. 

The exhibit will showcase some 230 Egyptian artifacts – from human and animal mummies to jewelry, caskets, and other sculpts – all from the Brooklyn Museum, highlighting predominantly the obsession of afterlife as portrayed by ancient Egyptians. 

“If you dig a little deeper into ancient Egyptian beliefs in eternal life, you find Egyptian mythology as the foundation of their faith,” said a museum official. “In the Egyptian myth, Osiris is killed by his brother, but later ruled as the god of the underworld.” 

“Egyptians believed through Osiris that afterlife was real, and that they would be resurrected if their body was mummified and put inside a coffin.”



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