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Five-star Hotels Launch Delivery and Drive-thru Services amid Pandemic

Lotte Hotel Busan's drive-thru menu. (image: Lotte Hotel Busan)

Lotte Hotel Busan’s drive-thru menu. (image: Lotte Hotel Busan)

BUSAN, Sept. 14 (Korea Bizwire)Struggling with the coronavirus, a five-star hotel in the southern port city of Busan has decided to provide food delivery services as well as drive-thru services to sustain business.

With the spread of ‘untact’ services, Lotte Hotel Busan launched a new drive-thru menu on Monday to meet growing demand for safer food.

This new take-out menu consists of five different camping menus such as barbecue sets, pizza, lunch boxes and more.

Lotte Hotel’s “the Lounge”, located in the hotel lobby, began promotion of an ‘Eat-alone Meal Set’ and ‘Drink-alone Wine Set’ to attract customers.

To use the drive-thru service, customers have to pre-order their food over the phone and pick it up at the drive-thru zone.

The Westin Chosun Hotel Busan also introduced a new ‘untact’ drive-thru service which allows customers to enjoy hotel meals at home.

Personal delivery service is available for customers ordering 20 sets or more.

Paradise Hotel launched a one-person meal menu for those wishing to enjoy meals in their room.

Five-star hotels in Busan saw a temporary jump in sales during the peak season in August, before the second wave of the coronavirus hit the nation.

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