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Gangnam District Launches ‘Bite-Sized Math’ Video Series for Students

The "Bite-Sized Math" video series (Image courtesy of Gangnam District)

The “Bite-Sized Math” video series (Image courtesy of Gangnam District)

SEOUL, Apr. 18 (Korea Bizwire) – The Gangnam District Office in Seoul has announced the launch of a new “Bite-Sized Math” video series through its online Gangnam Video Lecture platform, designed to help middle school students master key concepts in just five minutes per topic.

Catering to the growing “short-form” video trend that emphasizes time efficiency, the district has produced 1,102 lessons under five minutes each, carefully curating essential concepts from 42 different units across the three years of middle school curriculum.

By allowing students to quickly access specific topics they need to review for midterms and finals, the district hopes the series will enable more efficient studying for those seeking an optimal use of their time. 

To celebrate the “Bite-Sized Math” launch, the district is hosting a promotional event through the end of April. Students can access a preview lecture on the Gangnam Video Lecture website’s event banner, leave feedback or expectations in the comments, and all participants will receive a free trial subscription and beverage voucher. 

“We hope this newly designed lecture series utilizing diverse study methods will contribute to students’ academic achievement,” said Cho Sung-Myung, the head of Gangnam District. “Moving forward, we will continue analyzing student needs to provide high-quality, varied educational content.”

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