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Google Beats Naver in Monthly Users of Mobile Maps in April

(image: Google Maps)

(image: Google Maps)

SEOUL, May 24 (Korea Bizwire)Google Maps, a mapping application powered by U.S. IT giant Google, attracted more users than a similar service provided by South Korean portal Naver Corp. in April, industry data showed Thursday.

According to the data compiled by industry tracker WiseApp, Google Maps had 8.32 million users in April, above the 7.77 million posted by Naver Map.

The research was conducted on 23,000 Android smartphone users. The number of Android smartphone users in South Korea is estimated at 37 million.

An average user of Google Maps spent 11 minutes on it, while the corresponding number for Naver Map, which also includes navigation services, stood at 45 minutes.

Naver Map was the most popular map application in August last year, the last time the data was collected, by reporting a user number of 9.25 million.

Other major applications include T-map, powered by South Korea’s top mobile carrier SK Telecom Co., with 7.56 million users and Kakao Map, operated by Kakao Corp., with 4.53 million users.


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