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Gov’t to Set Up Fences and LED Signs Around Roadkill Zones


SEOUL, Oct. 12 (Korea Bizwire)The government on Tuesday announced plans to install fences and LED signs on major roads to prevent roadkill.

An average of 21,536 animals were killed on the raod in South Korea every year from 2017 to 2021. Last year reached a new high with 37,261 roadkills reported.

Most of the animal victims of roadkill were cats (17,527), followed by elk (10,847), raccoons (2,291), dogs (1,605) and roe deer (872).


The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport selected 80 road zones most vulnerable to roadkill among all roads with more than five cases of roadkill per kilometer.

They will set up fences around 62 of the selected road zones, and install LED signs at the remaining 26 road zones.

The government will develop maps of the major roadkill spots to post on the National Institute of Ecology website and offer the data to navigation service providers to be included in navigation warnings next month.

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