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Gwangju Police Transform into Superheroes, Protect Child Abuse Victims

Gwangju Police 2

GWANGJU, Sept. 23 (Korea Bizwire) – Officers from the Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency (GMPA) dressed up as Avengers characters Thursday as part of a street campaign to raise awareness of child abuse. 

Also present were mannequins representing child abuse victims, and participants put on a performance in which the superheroes defeated the villains who were bullying the mannequin victims. 

The campaign was organized after a nation-wide idea contest (hosted by the Korean National Police Agency), with the ‘Using Mannequins to Raise Awareness of Child Abuse’ proposal from the GMPA selected as the winner. The local agency was awarded 10 million won ($9,048) to put towards the campaign. 

“Because child abuse affects the youngest members of society, and more than 80 percent of the assailants are the biological parents of victims, it is important that witnesses and those close to victims (i.e. teachers) report such violence,” said GMPA Chief Kang In-cheol.

Some 100 officials from various local agencies and organizations, including the education office, district office, and child protection agencies attended the performance.

Gwangju Police 3

Gwangju Police

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