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Hyundai Department Store Unveils Exclusive Online Mall ‘RSVP’ for VIP Customers

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SEOUL, Sept. 12 (Korea Bizwire) — Hyundai Department Store has announced that it’s launching an exclusive online shopping space for its VIP customers. This is a first in the industry. This special online mall, called ‘RSVP,’ is part of Hyundai’s official online mall, ‘The,’ and only VIP customers are allowed in.

When VIP customers from the offline department stores like Jasmine, Sage, Green, and ClubYP sign up on, they’ll be automatically directed to the RSVP page. This online mall offers over 330 brands exclusively for VIP customers.

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Some standout products include the Grand Utopia speaker from Focal, one of the world’s top high-end audio manufacturers, and grand pianos from Steinway & Sons, a renowned piano maker.

You can also discover yachts and luxury mobile homes that aren’t typically found in regular department stores due to space constraints. Plus, there are original paintings by famous artists like Park Seobo, Kim Chang-yeol, and Lee Woo-hwan.

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In addition to showcasing new and limited-edition luxury items, Hyundai Department Store is also bridging the gap between online and offline experiences. They’re offering things like guided tours of artworks and special listening programs for high-end audio products.

Hyundai’s goal isn’t just to sell products online; they want to provide VIP services and unique experiences. To achieve this, they’re planning to operate a customer center for their top customers year-round and gradually enhance services like private auctions and personalized shopping.


Hyundai made this move because they recognize the competitive landscape for attracting loyal customers through paid memberships and the growing number of tech-savvy VIP customers who prefer shopping online.

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