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Hyundai Mobis Tests Four-wheel Steering Technology on the Road

SEOUL, April 24 (Korea Bizwire)A vehicle equipped with four-wheel steering successfully navigated an ordinary road.

Hyundai Mobis Co., South Korea’s leading auto parts maker, on Sunday unveiled video footage of Hyundai Motor Co.’s all-electric IONIQ 5 SUV equipped with the e-corner system.

The video demonstrated a variety of cruise modes.

In the video, the vehicle performed a “crab walk” by driving diagonally with the wheels turned 90 degrees to the side.

The vehicle also demonstrated “zero turns” by turning the wheels at different angles to pivot on the spot.

“Crab walks” help cars park in narrow spaces easily.

When facing a dead-end alley, the car can exit by pivoting 180 degrees without the driver having to back up the car.

In the video, the car also demonstrated 45-degree “diagonal driving” and a “pivot turn,” allowing the driver to rotate the car around the desired central axis.

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