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Hyundai Motor Offers Test Drive Program with Car Camping Experience


SEOUL, Oct. 8 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Co. plans to introduce a new test drive program that offers a car camping experience, which is gaining popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Friday, Hyundai Motor Studio will offer a special four-hour test drive program on weekends at Yeongjongdo Wangsan Beach and Misa Gyeongjeong Park where participants can experience driving as well as camping.

Unlike previous test drive programs, the new program allows participants to test drive as well as camp with the cars.

In the program, participants will be able to test drive the new Santa Fe SUV that comes with a mini-table, camping chair, and other camping equipment and sandwich boxes, and take the car to a pre-reserved location where they can experience car camping.


Hyundai Motor also offers Wheelping, a service platform set up to rent out vehicles and equipment for car camping.

Each participant can apply for a rental car, date, and camping gears. Whoever draws the winning lot will be offered a New Santa Fe and a new Tucson SUV for two days.

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